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Become a Broadway Producer: Everything You Need to Get Started

Should you want to attend the opening night of a Broadway show, have access to the best seats in the house and take selfies with cast members, you face multiple paths to joining the ranks of producing on Broadway. The easiest path, write a check! Today’s vast majority of producers fill the role of co-producers. They invest X amount of dollars and in exchange join the producing team at one of the predefined levels.

Should you want a more active role then one step becomes an infinite set of choices that define a life in the theatre.

The Lean Model for Musical Theatre

The next round of The Apples and Oranges Studios THEatre ACCELERATOR begins February 6th. Those accepted into THEatre ACCELERATOR work online directly with our team and hand-selected industry expert mentors to develop their musicals. We  believe in a culture of open...