Accelerating stories that elevate humanity.


An eight-week musical theatre intensive development accelerator
for promising storytellers.


Apples and Oranges Studios merges cutting-edge technology with the arts to explore new approaches to creative development and narrow the divide between storytellers and audiences.



We treat storytellers as founders. In the same manner that startups uncover their “product market fit,” the success of stories depends on connecting with audiences.


Leveraging the best of the start-up world, Apples and Oranges Studios brings the power of agile processes to all of our projects. An iterative approach combined with insight gleaned from data, analytics and testing gives stories their best run in front of the right audience.

Stories and Their Audiences

Based on the principles of growth hacking, storytellers engage with their audience at an early stage. They must create, adapt and pivot through an iterative, engaging relationship.

Why start here?

Why start here?

Why start here?

When you can start here?

When you can start here?

When you can start here?

Committed to Growth in the Arts

In an industry prone to linear processes, Apples and Oranges Studios combines the fresh perspectives of experienced technologists with the insider knowledge of entertainment industry veterans. Apples and Oranges Studios enriches the arts community from education to incubating cutting-edge technology.